Thoughts and reaction to developments in teaching from the Happy Teacher team and guest authors

This guest blog post is written by Chester, a lay officer for a major teaching union.  This means he is a classroom teacher who has been elected to serve as a representative for the area covered by his Local Authority.  To fulfil this role he put classroom teaching on pause in September 2015.

I often meet Teachers who are far from Happy. The majority of my cases involve teachers who are “in capability”, often where the member has gone off sick with work related stress. This includes teachers who are put on a support plan by the leadership, usually as a result of lesson observations. Read more

Although a new term brings a lot of worries, it also brings a lot of possibilities. It’s a great time to embark on something completely new, or approach the same things in a radically different way. So why not set yourself a ‘New Year Resolution’ on how you want to shake things up for the year ahead? Yes, pledging a ‘New Year Resolution’ is a loosely veiled act of target-setting, and it does have a slight whiff of a naff form-time activity, but it might turn out to be exactly what you need.

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You nervously open the envelope (or, more likely, download the spreadsheet). You finally bring yourself to look at your results. Your heart falls. You don’t want to tell anybody, but you know that they will ask and they will scrutinise. And no, you’re not a student. You’re a teacher…

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