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Every year, on a Friday in the autumn term, my school completely closes its doors to our students.  Along with the students, we teachers welcome this halting of the deafening grindstone.  But what do we do with this day?  No, it’s not marking, work-scrutinising, co-planning, or being subjected to 7 back-to-back PowerPoint slides on spurious theories of learning.  What we do is embark on our own individual adventures to schools of our choice, to see them work, and learn from their ways.  Like homing pigeons, we will return the next week.  But like magpies, we will hopefully bear treasure.  We call it a WoW day (‘Watching Others Work’). Read more

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This guest blog post is written by Stephen. Stephen is a secondary teacher whose wife is a primary teacher. In this post he draws on their experiences to explore whether the demands on primary and secondary teachers are the same.

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