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As the days draw shorter and the dark nights set in earlier, every teacher’s yearning to get home at a decent hour grows that little stronger. Unfortunately we often still have books to mark and lessons to plan. This is where there is a big difference between schools. Whilst at some schools the lights are only turned off well into the night, at others – like mine – we are kindly ushered out by caretakers as early as 5:30 pm. So who has it right?

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This guest blog post is written by Chester, a lay officer for a major teaching union.  This means he is a classroom teacher who has been elected to serve as a representative for the area covered by his Local Authority.  To fulfil this role he put classroom teaching on pause in September 2015.

I often meet Teachers who are far from Happy. The majority of my cases involve teachers who are “in capability”, often where the member has gone off sick with work related stress. This includes teachers who are put on a support plan by the leadership, usually as a result of lesson observations. Read more

The vision of Happy Teacher is simple: a review page like this one for every school in England. Featuring anonymous, verified reviews written by the teachers actually working there. I’m going to talk through this demo page as I think this is the best way of sharing our excitement for what the future might hold. Try it out first!

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