A review page for every school

Posted on 18th September 2016 by John

The vision of Happy Teacher is simple: a review page like this one for every school in England. Featuring anonymous, verified reviews written by the teachers actually working there. I’m going to talk through this demo page as I think this is the best way of sharing our excitement for what the future might hold. Try it out first!

Getting the big picture

Imagine that you are applying for a new job. For each school you’re considering you can see an overall star rating like this.

Happy Teacher Review - overall start rating

This is where teachers have answered the straightforward question: “Taking everything into consideration, how would you rate your experience of working at Such and Such School?”.

You can compare all the schools at a glance. One day, you’ll be able to see them all on a map and filter down to only the exact type of school you’re looking for. You’ll be able to compare each score against a local or national average.

A little more nuance

But you might want to zoom in a little more. This is where you can see the Key Area ratings out of 5.

Happy Teacher Review - key areas

Let’s imagine you’re really trying to find that fabled work/life balance everybody’s talking about – then the Workload score will be your top priority. Or perhaps the general feel and social life of the school is what matters to you, so Atmosphere is what interests you.

You might even be a middle leader looking to make your mark as a behaviour management specialist, so you actively seek out a school with a low Behaviour score – somewhere you think you can make a real difference.

Down to the nitty-gritty

At the point where you’re starting to get serious about applying to the school, you can zoom in even further, to see ratings teachers have given to specific questions in the areas which interest you.

Happy Teacher Review - marking question graph results

So let’s say – like so many other teachers – marking is what really gets to you. You can examine the graph and judge for yourself whether this seems tolerable to you.

From the horse’s mouth

Or you may be the kind of person who distrusts numbers and graphs and wants to skip straight to the juicy comments. So you scroll straight to the written reviews and gather as much insider opinion as you can.

Happy Teacher Review - comments

This is the equivalent of finding yourself in the pub near the school on a Friday evening, and having the opportunity to ask a bunch of teachers at the school what their honest opinion of the place is. Like everything else here, all that you see is anonymous, so teachers have no reason not to tell it like it is.

You can help!

So are we at this position yet? Not quite! All we need are 3 reviews per school for the results to go live, and to start providing this invaluable information for teachers across the country.

Do you see the potential of our vision: a review page like this for every school? And do you know just a couple of other teachers at your school who’d be happy to share their views? It takes just 5 minutes to write a review.

Help your fellow teachers be as informed as possible.